Charles Howden

October 3, 2006

It’s not that I get bored when I go shopping…

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It’s not that I get bored when I go shopping; it’s just that I can get bored when I am with other people doing their shopping. Have you ever been there? The understanding that most (mortal) people are primarily focused all the time on their own needs is perhaps fundamental to the world of NLP. We can all be in charge of creating our own experience of reality; it’s just that only a few of us understand that we have real choice about how we do that. Anyway, to get to my point.

When I am out on a shopping trip and get bored, I start examining the customer service on offer. A couple of evenings ago, I was in Oasis, just of Oxford Street, waiting in a queue for the checkout. The young women who was working our till had time for every customer “that’s a nice pair of shoes, have you seen the belt?” I initially made the assumption that the women knew the girl she was serving because her voice tone was so friendly and spontaneous. After I had heard her comment to the second customer “I love that jumper, did you see it on the poster? The trousers look great”, and then to us, the third in the queue, “that hat is really funky, looks nice” I realised that something else was going on.

Either she was just being herself, naturally taking an interest, or this was an exquisite example of how to cement customer loyalty, and prompt some up-selling. Great to observe, great to be the recipient of, very impressive.

And if I had been asked, “ever thought about trying our insurance?” (See previous blog “Which would you rather pick up?”) I’d have struggled to say no, I would have wanted to say yes, which is, of course, the power created by personalised customer experience.


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