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Because it gets easier as you learn how…

If you feel that your current spend on training is largely wasted, well guess what? You could be right.

I teach the behavioural skills which make a real difference in your workplace. I have a strong commercial focus. If my training will not add value to your business, then I won’t to do it.

I deliver training in:

Advanced communication skills

In a world where miscommunication is the norm, wouldn’t you like to be sure that you can avoid the usual confusion and misunderstanding. Do you need to give difficult news to your customer?

The language of influence

Learn the language patterns of hugely influential people. This is the language of influence and when you have learned these you will be hugely influential. With these easy to learn skills you will be verbally powerful when using persuasive skills. Can you imagine now where you will be able to use these powerful skills straight after you have learned them?

Creating unbreakable business relationships

Learn how to use your verbal language, your body language, and your thinking style to create unbreakable business relationships with your customers.

Successful negotiation strategies

Negotiating between competing interests is part of every manager’s daily working life. And in any situation, whether you’re dealing with customers, suppliers, or colleagues, the most successful negotiating strategies are those that let everyone come out ahead. This training teaches a collaborative negotiating style with an emphasis on mutual gain.

Winning team ways

What are the secrets of winning teams? How could your business benefit from employing teamwork. If you have a work group which is not operating as a winning team, let me…

Leadership for modern business

Leaders set the emotional tone of their business or department. Should you leave this to chance? Or should you develop your own style to create the business culture you need to be successful. The choice is yours. This training will enable you to discover and develop your own unique leadership style.

Unforgettable presentation skills

Let me teach you how you can banish your stage fright for good. Presentations and public speaking can be fun, learn and practice how to become a confident performer in a whole range of situations.

My Critical Skills Pack development programme is designed to raise delegates’ business effectiveness by teaching precisely the skills which are needed for outstanding performance. Call me to learn how this will work for you.

I design my precise training offer to address the issues, which your organisation faces. Once I have delivered the training, I will support delegates with ongoing learning support, as appropriate.

I like to work with groups of eight to sixteen, large enough to allow plenty of variety for group exercises, and small enough for everyone to be able to contribute and participate.

Courses can be arranged at customers’ premises or at suitable, convenient venues

Contact me now to hear how this training will make an immediate impact on your organisation’s success.


A course of coaching can be designed to support trainees as they implement their skills back in their work environment.

NLP Training

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in Business is now available and can be delivered at your premises, to your own staff and colleagues.

I deliver training as an Associate for a number of established training companies and am very happy to deliver your own training material, or mine, directly to your staff or customers.


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