Charles Howden


I help businesses deliver more value to their customers and target market.


Because when customers recognise more value from the goods and services you offer them, they will:

– Become less sensitive to your pricing and will allow you to charge them more.

– Be happy to reinforce their relationship with you by buying more of your goods and services.

– Be less receptive to your competitors and will remain customers of yours for longer.

– Become advocates of your business and will recommend you to their friends.

And when your target market recognises more value from the goods and services you offer them, they will:

– Become your customers.

I achieve this using a combination of powerful business tools, including:

Customer Value Analysis
To identify precisely what it is about your service or product offer that your customers truly value. Once your customers’ value drivers have been identified, along with the evidence base they need to support them, you can more accurately and efficiently design your product or service delivery.

Planning & Change Management
Lasting performance can only develop and exist in an enabling culture. Unless all your cultural drivers, including structure, strategy, people, management style, systems and procedures, guiding concepts and shared values, are contributing to your initiative, then your success will be limited and your investment wasted.

Skills Training
Delivering customer service skills and sales training that will differentiate your business offer from your competitors, reconnecting your staff with your customers, and increasing your business.

Coaching & Facilitation
Which will build agreement and concensus, supporting new learning and behaviours.


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