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You have a great sales plan, an experienced team, a busy market place in which to sell, the next quarter looks exciting… and then what happens? Pretty much the same as in the last quarter. Sales are still hard work, promising leads don’t go anywhere, sales staff criticise your pricing model.

What’s the answer? More training? The next sales technique? An awayday to boosts sales morale? Well maybe, and then again, maybe not. Chances are you have already tried any number of these quick fixes with varying degrees of short-term success.

And despite this, you are still facing flat or declining sales, perhaps your account handlers are losing customers, maybe even your most loyal ones. Do you ever wonder what on earth is going on?

This is precisely where focused sales coaching can change the game and change the game not just for now. Once you start on this path, you can change your sales game forever, and lift your effectiveness to a whole new level.

Through a programme of one-to-one, hour-long coaching sessions, or facilitation in small groups, sales staff and account handlers embark on a process which will immediately make a tangible difference to their effectiveness.

And because each meeting is only an hour long, your sales team is not taken off the road for a long period of time.

This is directional coaching designed to bring out the existing skills which your staff already have (and perhaps forgotten how to use) at the same time as coaching a whole new range of sales tools.

Interested? Well don’t take my word for it. Can I suggest you try this for yourself? Call me now to talk me through your own situation, and let me sales coach you for half an hour. Believe me, you will very quickly get a sense of how powerful this tool can be, and when your team are benefiting too, your sales figures will go through the roof.

How does this work? First you can call me on 01379 678428 or 07765 405649, or you can email me at

We begin with a discussion over the telephone so that you can give me an overview of how your sales processes work. You may follow a particular sales model, or perhaps you have developed you own standard practice; this will probably depend on the industry sector you are selling into.

If you like what you hear we can then talk about the best way to take things forward. In my experience, every business is different, and every market sector has it’s own peculiarities. I consider it important to tailor my plan of action so that it precisely fits your own situation.

Working with me will revolutionise your sales performance.

Call me.


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