Charles Howden

What my clients say


On Training

Charles Howden’s commitment to his own personal and professional development and lifelong learning is clearly demonstrated in his approach to training, supporting and developing others. His professional, enthusiastic and inclusive style, supported by his breadth and depth of knowledge, seamlessly extends the skills and capabilities of others in both general and specialist areas. On a one to one or group basis he facilitates the achievement of demonstrable outcomes and adds value across a broad range of essential personal and professional criteria.

S T (Director) Private Sector Healthcare


On Executive Coaching

Face to face coaching with Charles is not for the faint hearted as every nuance or shift will be detected and remembered. Telephone coaching provides no safe haven, either as the smallest shift in tone, tempo, pitch or vocabulary will not escape his auditory accuity and hence his capacity to identify, support, acknowledge or challenge, as appropriate. Do not seek Charles as your coach and mentor if you are not serious about living your life in a truly authentic and congruent way being accepted for who you are whilst becoming all that you can be.

P B (Managing Director) IT Hardware Distributor

I am pleased to have worked with clients from the following businesses:

Provident Financial
UWG Limited
Claxton Engineering Services Ltd
2H Offshore
Team Energy Resources Ltd
Giant Pet Store
Lotus Engineering

And the list is growing…


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